Homestay is a cheaper alternative that foreign students can take to ensure that their stay in China is enjoyable. The cost involved in this arrangement is minimal. Once you have decided to participate in this program, you need to formal application giving details about you and the kind of home that you would like to be assigned. You may be required to pay a deposit as a commitment that you will enroll in the program. The first payment should be done before you get to China while the remaining balance can be paid upon arrival. In some of the programs the student may be required to pay some amount of money while in others no payments required.

For the upkeep of the student, the family which will host you will take care of most of your needs. The student is supposed to take care of some of the needs such as lunch and personal items. The host family may also opt to take care of the student transport to and from the university; this means that the cost of upkeep is reduced drastically. Generally the cost of home stay is minimal, in some instances the student is not supposed to pay anything, the host family takes care of the most of the bills, and in other occasions the students may be required to chip in.