This is a basic course for people who are interested in learning the language. It is meant for people who are coming to China to work or as students. The aim of this course is to introduce the learners with the skills that will help them communicate efficiently. The students normally familiarize themselves with the functions and components of the language. The learner will have an opportunity to practice on pronunciation, phonetic symbols, Pinyin and other aspects of the language.

It mainly focuses on the basic communication, speaking and listening. Completion of this course will see the student having the ability to use the language in their day to day communication.


An advance course in Mandarin is for those who would like to master the language; these are people who aspire to use the language for official purpose. It can be either for teaching purposes. This level requires proper mastering of the language in terms of its phonology. It may take time to fully master the language, one should also be alive to the fact that the language is taught at standard level, you may discover that the Mandarin which you have learned varies greatly with what is spoken or used on some other parts of the country. It may not be possible to learn all the dialects; learning the standard Mandarin may be the only thing that you need but at the back of the mind should be aware of the variations which are used in different parts of the country.


For people who would like to do business with the Chinese traders and companies learning the language is a very important thing. It will help in business negotiations enabling the learner to get better deals. Learning Mandarin for business purposes only involves the basic language skills, this involves learning the common terms which are used in the business and negotiations at large.

Learning Mandarin for business purposes gives the learner an advantage ,it helps him or her connect with the partners , it also means that you will not entirely depend on the translator, it gives you an upper hand compared to somebody who has not learned the language.

Online Chinese

It is now possible to learn Chinese online, for those who may not have time to attend physical classes; this platform provides them with a convenient opportunity to learn a language which is important in the course of interacting with others in China. The online courses just like what is offered in classes aims at helping the learner to speak, write and also listen. The course is provided through online materials which include notes and videos. A learner who opts to learn Mandarin online should utilize all the tools which are provided in the forum, one should listen to the conversation so that he or she can learn how different words are pronounced. It is also important to learn the various spelling.