People who have an intention to enter China for commercial and trade purposes will be required to get a Visa prior to their travel. Business Visa is in two categories, Class M and F. Business Visa –M is issued to visitors who are coming in for trade and commercial activities. It is normally issued for single, double and multiple entries. It can be given up to a period of ten years. Normally this class of Visa is valid for a short period, between 30 and 60 days, the number of days given will depend of the given Chinese Consulate where the Visa is applied from.
Before the introduction of Business Visa M, F visa was used for commerce visits, this is no longer the case since the introduction of Non Commerce Visa F. F Visa is now issued to visitors who are coming in for non-commerce purposes, these are people who are visiting China with an intention to carry out research, conduct a lecture, carry out scientific studies, cultural exchange or basically a study tour which cannot be described as a tourist activity. Unlike other Visas, F Visa is issued for single and double entry. The validity of this visa is one month to three months, depending on the issuing consulate.