Demi Pair placements are available for applicants at intermediate or higher level of English who have some child care experience. Being a Demi Pair allows you to work and study in a Chinese-speaking environment, developing your Chinese language while learning the culture and lifestyle with the host family you are staying with. Demi Pairs study at the local universities or colleges in cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Ningbo, Chengdu, or Shenzhen. Demi Pairs are able to get a monthly allowance from a host family, besides this Demi Pairs will also receive another monthly allowance from us. All issues will be discussed and placed into contracts, between us and you, a Demi Pair, as well as between the host family and a Demi Pair. While studying in China and being a student of one of the universities/colleges, visas are provided through the schools.  The minimum length of our Demi Pair program in China is 3 months and maximum length 12 months. Learning Chinese and studying at one of the universities in China can be a valuable point for your CV and your future career.