Assistant Instructor


Position:Assistant Instructor

Duties and Responsibilities

1、Attend meetings and various trainings

2、Check equipments every week, if there are lost or damaged, should report to the

Center Manager

3、Change equipments in Play Classes every two weeks

4、Filling up the growing report every two months

5、Substitute classes

6、Remind parents taking care for their children& using props correctly

7、Ensuring the safety, cleanliness, hygiene and function of the classroom environment

8、Assist in cleaning props and equipments

9、Provide assistant to finish “satisfaction survey”

Job Requirements

1.Excellent command of English

2.Excellent interpersonal communication skill

3.Outgoing, energetic, passionate, and cheerful

4.Love and patient, enjoy working with children

5.Teaching background, is a plus


Our company will provide accommodation and food,every month will get 2000RMB salary.

For futher information contact:

Applications:Send you resume and certified copies of qualifications to

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