When you get admitted in a given university in China, you need to secure an accommodation. Most of the universities in China offer accommodation to students while others require them to make arrangement for their own. If a university is offering accommodation, all the students will have to do on how to make arrangement for payment and the conditions which will guide the student stay while in campus. Students who may have missed accommodation within the university premises have an opportunity to stay in apartments, hotels or even enter into an arrangement to stay with a family within the area where he or she is attending college.

There are apartments where students can rent for a given period, the student need to establish houses which they can afford and at the same time where their security is guaranteed. They also need to consider the distance between the apartment and the college; it should be a reasonable distance to allow easy movement to and from school.

Hotels, although they can be expensive but they can provide accommodation to students. This mode is not recommended due to the costs which are involved. The student can put up in a hotel as they search for alternative accommodation.

The student can also opt to stay with a family, within this arrangement the students enjoys a home environment, with an identified family. All his or her needs are well taken care of; the student will get a chance of learning the Chinese culture from the host family. This type of an arrangement calls for the student to be very flexible, quickly adapt to the family way of life.