Have you ever wanted to learn more about China? Do you want to learn more and see China? Do you want to see and experience, first-hand, the Chinese culture, while opening yourself to more education and opportunities abroad while, at the same time working and gaining independence? If you answered yes, it’s time you became a part of our Chinese Cultural Exchange Programs through Cultural Pair.culturalpair-team

CulturalPair belongs to the Outuo (Shanghai) Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd. in China. Our main thrust has always been to promote cultural exchange and cultural education through our cultural exchange programs. We take great care of our clients’ need . One can learn Mandarin and a host of other significant Chinese-related subjects that are geared towards mutual understanding of culture and education.

You will thrive as you learn how to navigate life independently through work and study. We are able to match families and Au pairs according to their personalities and goals to make the transition easier.

We also pride ourselves on our long-standing partnerships with our other affiliates in the Au-pair company in the USA, Britain, and Australia.
We aim to create opportunities for young people to travel and to learn about different countries in order to better understand the people, history and culture of these countries as well as to improve their language proficiency at university while at the same time learning how to live independently.


We look forward to cooperating with you!



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