A Smile a Day

We live in a busy world,stressful times and pressures of life mounting ever so high,that the health of most people suffers poorly. Depression, frustration and stress are common nowadays, lesser people are happy and satisfaction seems far reaching to some. Happiness has become a destination.

However nothing is hopeless, here is a remedy for all the above mentioned health strains, A smile.
It can very well be seen as just a product of muscular contraction, where the eyes beam bright and the corners of one’s mouth curve upward in an effort to express satisfaction. As small a gesture it is but a smile from a relative,friend or total stranger on the street is a lasting memory because it triggers a feeling inside you boosting your mood. The rich might not lose from it, the poor might nit gain but none can say i can do without a good feel,that comes from sharing a smile.

A smile is reflected by babies upon the first weeks of birth and their smile relates to internal feelings,its a reflex smile that occurs even for adults when they listen to music or are enjoying a good meal.

When you smile ,you release endorphins and chemical substances called neurotransmitters in the brain,which give you a happy feeling. The release of endorphins is considered a natural reliever from the stresses and pressures of life,it becomes a mood lifter as it puts you in a relaxed position. Not only does a smile have a positive effect on our health but it also in exchange affect those of others too as it communicates a persons feelings needing no words.

When you smile more you not only look better more attractive but also confident relaxed and sincere saying a lot about your personality. Know also that a smile is contagious,one smile can lead to additional smiles.

Why not challenge yourself to practice this simple gesture daily,be the positive and happy one in the group and it will affect others in a positive way.

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