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Filipino in China

There is a noteworthy number of Filipinos in China consisting of transients and exiles from the Philippines to the People’s Republic of China. Numerous residential laborers from the Philippines have been coming to China to act as servants. Figures from the Philippines government in 2009 demonstrates that mainland China has turn into the top destination for Filipino housekeepers seeking work abroad as Chinese families are willing to accommodate them for better family benefits and for their familiarity with the English dialect . There are 140,000 Filipinos in Hong Kong There. Taking into account records from the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs, there were around 12,254 abroad Filipinos in mainland China. The greater part of them live in urban areas, for example, Beijing (2,492), Chongqing (164), Guangzhou (4,564), Shanghai (4,264) and Xiamen (7,707) .

The Filipino Nanny Program in China is to empower Filipino competitors who need to experience the way of life of Chinese families and help Chinese capability to work and study in China. As a Filipino in China applicant can live in the receiving family enjoying the solace of a family home while no worrying about convenience costs, this is an immaculate cash saving arrangement. Candidates who have intermediate or progressed English level with some childcare experience are preferred for this program. You live as an individual from the family while deal with the kids and light family household tasks.

Filipino Nanny Program

The Filipino Nanny Program in China is to enable Filipino candidates who want to experience the lifestyle of Chinese families and boost Chinese proficiency to work and study in China. As a Filipino in China candidate can live in the host family enjoying the comfort of a family home while no worrying about accommodation expenses, this is a perfect money saving solution.

Program Advantages

  • Immersion into the daily life of a Chinese family
  • Acquisition of the rich Chinese culture
  • Improving Chinese language proficiency
  • Orientation and guideline for living in a new country
  • Airport pick-up
  • You will be offered necessary time for recouping from travels, jet lag
  • Non-stop help and service
  • Paid work

Why Choose Us

Reasons for choosing us

•    We are an agency with an established reputation for placing Au Pairs, Demi Pairs, Filipinos with families across China
•    We interview all our families in their home
•    We have you picked up from the airport and brought you to your host family
•    We give you the time to recover from jet lag and get acclimatized
•    We provide the orientation training and a comprehensive Information Pack
•    We take you to change your money and open a bank account, also we help you to get a discount travel card for public transport
•    We supply you with the opportunity to meet with other Au Pairs, Demi Pairs, Filipinos and and organize events and gatherings
•    We are here for you, you can come to us, email us or call us any time.

Program Requirements

•    Age:21-30 years old, Female
•    Language: English (Intermediate or above)
•    Education background: University student/colleague diploma/degree
•    Written confirmation of childcare experience(if any)
•    Police Clearance Certificate
•    Medical check report

Filipino Preparation

• Type: student visa (X2).


•Flight ticket to China
• Colored copies of your educational diploma
• Plug for power converter
• Clothing especially clothes for cold winter
• Computer & Chinese-English dictionary ready for Mandarin Lessons
• Well prepared with the Passport Photos
• Personal necessities

Application Fees
To our agency :
• 1000rmb/6 months
• 2000rmb/12months
• 1/3 first month salary as the deposit that will be reimbursed after the whole program is finished


Responsibilities of a Filipino Nanny

Duties and Obligations

• Preparing meals and cleaning up afterwards
• Making school lunches
• Helping with bath time
• Driving kids to school and activities(it depends on a family)
• Helping with homework and tutoring
• Doing kids’ laundry
• Keeping kids’ rooms tidy and organized
• Other specific duties

At least 30 hours per week for house working is the basic responsibility of a Filipino nanny.

• Around 4,500rmb-6,000rmb monthly
• The working schedule cannot exceed 40 hours per week
• No work more than 8 hours on any given day
• At least 1 day off per week
• Entitled to receive two weeks of paid vacation during the first 12 months

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