Let’s meet Zsuzsanna !

Zsuzsanna is a 20-year-old Hungarian Au Pair who lives in Wuxi. She takes care of Vicki, a cute little 9-year-old girl. She is going to tell us about her life in China.

Chinese Cultural Activity

Chinese culture is definitely one of the most interesting cultures in the world. It dates back few thousands years, it includes Chinese tea ceremony, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese p

Tea culture in China

Tea culture in China is as old as China itself. The legend tells that Yan Di, one of three rulers in ancient times, tasted all kinds of herbs to fin

Useful Apps for Your China Life

Are you planning to travel to China? Are you looking for a new live or just an adventure? Well, you might know that China is not the easiest destination. China is getting every yea

Chinese Cultural Exchange

Chinese society generally, has figured out how to stay separate from the western world, furthermore a significant part of the "mixing" that has occurred in different societies and

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