Fascinating Mongolian Culture

If anything one would be fascinated by the sight of Mongolian Women's attire alone, and be eager to find out more about the culture itself, well here goes. Mongolia is located d

Why attitude makes a difference

A number of people have chosen to pick a destination for their happiness,meaning whatever circumstances they may find themselves in currently pushes them to postpone happiness and

A Smile a Day

We live in a busy world,stressful times and pressures of life mounting ever so high,that the health of most people suffers poorly. Depression, frustration and stress are common now

Chinese Cuisine

Chinese society has a fixed culture and their cuisine is the most important part of their culture. The cuisines originate from the different regions of China and from Chinese peopl

Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity can be referred to as the variation in cultures, culture shapes a person be it in their behavior, their beliefs, religion and language. It allows you to define y

Learn a lesson from the Ants

You may ask yourself how lesson and ants fit into one sentence. Well it is believed that ants are a wise group or crowd as they are referred to. Aside from research, our own observ

Let’s meet Zsuzsanna !

Zsuzsanna is a 20-year-old Hungarian Au Pair who lives in Wuxi. She takes care of Vicki, a cute little 9-year-old girl. She is going to tell us about her life in China.

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